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ConcertPass is the first of its kind mobile rewards and loyalty app for concerts and live events. Get closer to the artists you love, while spreading some love back to them. Engage with local live music and earn awesome rewards, from convenient discounts and free offerings to once in a lifetime experiences.
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We’re a lot like you—loyal live music lovers.

We know the sacrifices you make arranging your life around your favorite artists’ shows. We know what it means to say you were there for an epic performance. We know how it feels to be the tastemaker among your friends and family, introducing them to essential emerging artists. For us, too, live music is a way of life. We’re folks who’ve spent years in the trenches of the music industry, working in every capacity.

Through our experiences in the business, we were inspired to reward committed concert-goers and honor the artists we all admire. With ConcertPass, the first of its kind rewards program for loyal fans of live music around the world, we’re finally able to give back. Our mission is to keep live music accessible to the true believers, and empower our favorite musicians.